Akira Shima (akirashima) wrote in pa_furry,
Akira Shima

I'm Sorry.

I apologize for my attempts at humor in the advertisement for the WPAFW.
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That was definitely NOT a good way to advertise for any convention or gathering, especially in a public forum. What you do in your own personal journal is your business, but when posting to a community open to the public, that kind of language is wrong to use. If you are sorry about it, why haven't you deleted the entry or asked a moderator to delete it?
well thank you for the further berating. as far as why i had not deleted it i was told it was already deleted. by the people that complained. I shall endeavor to do better by your standards in the future. I shall also automatically assume anyone saying that they have already done something have indeed not done so and shall do it or check at the very least.
You are the Featured Artist there this year. When one gets put into the spotlight, there is a responsibility to be professional. Your comments could have cast the event into a negative light with some people. You don't have to live by my standards by any means. The entry is deleted now, that is the important thing.