The Great and Powerful Swiftie (swift_fox) wrote in pa_furry,
The Great and Powerful Swiftie

Western PA Furry Weekend Announces New Dates and Venue for 2013!

Local furries and friends!

I am pleased to announce the dates have been changed for the Western PA Furry Weekend next year in order to accommodate our new single location venue.

The Western PA Furry Weekend will be held October 11, 12 & 13, 2013!

Our new location for Friday and Saturday will be the Allegheny County North Park Lodge

With this NEW location we can keep the outdoor atmosphere that makes this event unique and combine it with the comfort an amenities of the Hotel function spaces. Plus this location triples the Square Feet of function space providing the event with plenty of room to grow! The lodge is two levels, heated and offers use of a commercial kitchen and cooler. There is also plenty of parking, a nearby athletic field as well as other Park Amenities that may be enjoyed.

The North Park Lodge does not have overnight accommodations. It is simply a large, two story, enclosed pavilion. The event is currently researching hotels near North Park for attendees to stay the night. This location will be announced after prices are negotiated and a room contract is signed.

The organizers of the Western PA Furry Weekend are excited to bring this news to you and we hope you are also.

Thank you for your attention.

Swift Fox
Director; WPAFW12
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