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Morphicon Miscellanea - April 2012

-= The End is Nigh =-

Yes, folks, the long wait is almost over. With only two weeks to go until Morphicon 2012: Fables & Furry Tails you can finishing sharpening your claws and preening your coats and think ahead to packing. If you haven't already, head on over and pre-register at While the early-bird discount is over (partially because the bird was consumed) it's still an easy way to get one more thing taken care of before the con.
As always, we have a plethora of panels and almagama of activities planned to keep you entertained. The Spectacle of Doom, Fursuit Parade, and Frozen Oasis all make a return this year. We'll also have the Dealer's Den and Artist's Alley open to help you buy and sell, what else, art! The patio will be available if you simply want to hang-out and, for those of you who want to earn a discount for next year, your Gopher Wrangler would love to hear from you if you'd like to volunteer!
Feel free to contact your Morphicon staff should you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

-= Meet the GoH's: Text Edition, Part 2 =-

Having already answered a pair of questions for you in the previous edition of Morphicon Miscellanea, Heavy Horse and Sigil, this year's Guests of Honour, agreed to answer two more. While we realize four questions are not enough to know a GoH, we do hope you stop by their respective panels at the con and learn a bit more about, and from, them.

You can find they're latest bits of knowledge at

-= "Yew" Know What You Want =-

Two more chapters of Heavy Horse's Yew Manor! We have taken the time to upload two of the final three chapters of this wonderful story to Heavy has agreed to read Yew Manor in its entirety at the con and we'll let him finish his story for you. At the conclusion of the con, Yew Manor will be posted in one piece on We encourage you to attend Heavy's reading to his wonderful piece so you might achieve closure just a little bit sooner.

-= Welcome to Goodbye =-

Speaking of closure, it is with a heavy heart and drooping tail I must mention your publicity fox will not be returning after this year's con. It has been a honour to serve on the Morphicon staff these past two years and I thank everyone involved and, especially, those who've enjoyed (or simply put up with) my ramblings. Have no fear, we are not planning on leaving the position vacant and are already speaking to others who have expressed interest.

That said, Morphicon is continually evolving. Furs come and go and we are always looking for those interested in helping plan and execute the next great con experience. If your ambitions are loftier than being a gopher or panelist, we encourage you to speak to someone on staff. You never know, it just may be you writing the newsletter in the future!

Thanks for the ride! - Foxx (in a box)
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