Morphicon Publicity (morphiconpub) wrote in pa_furry,
Morphicon Publicity

Bob-Tailed Foxes & One-Week T-Shirt Deadlines

Shhh! Do you hear it? The wailing that sounds like a woman's scream? Make no mistake, that is not a woman - it is a wampus cat. A very /irritated/ wampus cat. Why is Kattywampus upset? It's simple - she needs your art. She /craves/ your art. With only a week to go until the deadline for the t-shirt competition (ends March 15th!), she has received very few entries. Her appetite is insatiable and she requires quantities of artwork.

Please help. I don't want to lose my tail (which is only one of the appendages that will go missing, I'm sure). I'll do anything. How about a free Patron registration? Fine. To the winner I will give the free Patron registration AND the design on the t-shirt for everyone to wear! As a further incentive to gather art, I'll even give away a free Sponsor registration to the runner-up PLUS the cover of the pocket programming guide! And I guarantee everyone who submits art relating to Morphicon's theme of Fables & Furry Tails will get inserted into the con book! All relevant details are located on the Morphicon website (, written in a sweet and innocent manner by said wampus (don't be fooled!!!).

Help me keep the bob-tailed fox an Aesop's fable. Send your art. Eternal thanks will be yours. And remember, avoid slinking shadows in the night. It very well could be...the Kattywampus.

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