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Delaware Furbowl 32 is a week away!

Delaware Furbowl 32 is only one week away! We have 48 furries so far and it's
wrapping up to be a fun Christmahanakwanzika for all!

Hope that you can join us to see off the DE Furbowl 2011 season!

Join us at

Delaware Furbowl 32

Theme: It's COLD! -or- Christmahanakwanzika!

What is it?
A dinner and bowling furmeet with The Furst State!

When is it?
December 3rd 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Where is it?
Wilmington, DE Google Maps Link

CiCi's Pizza Buffet Google Maps Link

1150 Capitol Trail, Newark, DE 19711

AMF Price Lanes. Google Maps Link

3215 Kirkwood Highway. Wilmington, DE 19805

Directions from CiC's Pizza to AMF Price Lanes Google Maps Link

The full announcement with details can be found on The Furst State Forums!


Full Announcement: Furst State Forums
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