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Pennsylvania Furries' Journal
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Friday, November 4th, 2011

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New Years Furry Ball: 2011-2012 Cancelled
We bring ourselves before you all bearing unfortunate news. Despite a massive search for a venue for this years New Years Furry Ball we have unfortunately come up empty handed. We’ve chased leads as far up as Philadelphia International and as far down as Dover, DE. But no hotel has been able to meet our needs. Trust us when I say that Protocollie and myself, Kitt3ns, are as disappointed as anybody. Both of us were gearing up, making out schedules, and trying to find fun things for the community to do throughout the night but unfortunately it’s going to have to wait until next year. The remaining November and December months simply aren’t enough time to put together an event this community is worthy of.

However rest assured we will not have this problem next year, or the next 3 years to be exact. The Embassy Suites in Newark, DE was thrilled with us the previous year and heard about our venue search woes. They contacted us and let us know that we have first-dibs on the ballroom space for the next 3 years. There won’t be any wedding reception blocking us from partying again, you can count on it.

For this year however we encourage you to spend time with your friends and family on New Years Eve. But keep your ear to the wind come this 2012 as without the burden of having to secure a venue you can be sure Protocollie and myself will be pouring all our extra energy into planning the most kick-butt furry new years eve party we can muster.

Happy Holidays Guys,
- Kitt3ns and Protocollie

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