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Pennsylvania Furries' Journal
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Sunday, April 24th, 2011

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Has anyone else noticed that every post to pa_furry in the last two months is an announcement for an event in OH, NJ, DE or MD? :P

I'm just, you know, sayin...

EDIT: Actually I can contribute something! If you're not aware of it be sure to check out http://www.surple.com/ which usually has at least one upcoming event in eastern/central PA listed.

Right now there're upcoming events in Quakertown, Reading and Limerick (and of course the DE furbowl), and there is usually a furbowl in Mechanicsburg once a month. And if you're hosting an event (in PA or not) and are asking people to RSVP, Surple can help take the hassle out of it. Feel free to sign up on the site and I'll get an account set up for you. :)

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