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Pennsylvania Furries' Journal
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Time Event
Furmeet Notice! February 11th 2011 - York, PA


PA's"Weekend @ Furries”

What is PAW@F?

PAW@F is designed to be a regional weekend furmeet held every month, except when there is another major event close by.


When is PAW@F?

Every 2nd Friday of the Month, starting on February 11th, 2011.


Where is PAW@F?

The first few meets will be located in York, PA. About an hour drive North of Baltimore; Philadelphia is about 75 to 90 minutes to the East; and Pittsburgh is about 3.5 hours to the West.


Who is hosting PAW@F?

The meets will be held at Chrono's apartment, and will be hosted by him and his roommates: Sorin the Thylacine, and BrendanRoo.


What is there to do?

Food, Video Games (PS3/XBox360/Wii), Home Theater (50” HD Plasma/Surround Sound/Movies), Board Games (Munchkin/Hero Quest/etc), Other Furs (Talk/Hang Out/ect).

These meets will largely be modeled after WolfJ's old meets back near Philadelphia.

I have to drive from a long distance, is there crash space?

Like all things, crash space is limited so PLEASE RSVP ahead of time and let me know if you plan to crash here or not. Space is offered as a first come/first serve item. Additionally, there are numerous very cheap hotels and motels in the area. To save some time I've added them to this list.


Are there rules we should be aware of or age restriction?

Yes, this is a 18+ only party. That means you should be old enough to buy cigarettes on your own. Additionally, you will be in someone's apartment, any behavior that might cause Chrono to get evicted from his apartment should be done far away from his apartment. Drinking is allowed in moderation and only for those of legal age. During the “active” hours of the party behavior is expected to stay PG/R rated. After “lights out”, people are expect to behave in a appropriate of house guest. At any point, if you are making unwelcome advances towards people, you will be asked to leave. The simple rules of thumb are if you don't think you should be doing something... you probably shouldn't. Absolutely No Drugs, alcohol in moderation (after dinner only!), and respect others - these rules will be enforced.


Is there a place to smoke?

Yes, Chrono's apartment is furnished with a balcony for smokers. Please close the door behind you. :3

Friday, February 11th, 2011 (6:30pm until late) – Housewarming :3

We know this weekend clashes with FWA and so we hope if you are not attending the convention you could come spend an evening with some fuzzy friends like ourselves! Chrono has been living out in York for almost 5 years and never got to have a proper housewarming. So come help him celebrate by bringing snacks and drinks.

Basic Itinerary: Hanging out, Dinner at a local eatery, Movies/Games

Saturday, February 12th, 2011 (morning until afternoon)

Basic Itinerary: Breakfast, Afternoon Bowling or a Movie Matinee, back to the apartment and time to clean up.

What are some of the local hotel/motels?

(Some of these are available as cheaply as $30 a night, call ahead)

Please be sure to RSVP as space is limited using the
following sign-up site: http://m.anyvite.com/events/home/phzzc45dbh

Questions please contact Chrono at Chronocoon@GMail.com

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