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[EVENT] Pittsfurgh Fall Furbque and Furry Meet!!

Bark and a Lick Furiends!

I want to take a moment to invite every fur to this year’s Pittsfurgh Fall Fur-b-que and Furry Meet. This annual gathering is planned for Columbus Day weekend October 11 & 12, 2003.

Events planned so far...

Saturday afternoon at 3PM we meet, greet and eat!
Saturday evening at 9:00PM we Bowl, Howl and Meow!
Sunday morning around 10AM we do a group breakfast at Panera Bread.
Sunday afternoon around 12PM a trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History for those who are interested.

So mark your calendars now for some fuzzy fun as we gather under the cover of the autumn leaves in Western Pennsylvania! Saturday, October 11 to Sunday, October 12, 2003!

All information will be found at my website at Just select the link to the “Pittsfurgh Fall Fur-b-que and Meet”.

RSVP's can be made now by sending an e-mail to ""

Everyfur is welcome now matter where you live! If you live in Western PA, by all means come out and support one of the few activities we hold on our side of the state.

Here’s hoping to meet furiends old and new this year!

Swift Fox
Coordinating Furry Events in Western PA since the turn of the century.

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